REC Media Group is an Orlando based production company founded and operated by Ray E. Combs. A production veteran of more than 25 years, Ray and his team are dedicated to combining strong storytelling with dynamic visuals. The team employs sophisticated style and audience engaging techniques that result in television shows that entertain, inform, and excite the viewer.
Shot on location around the world and post-produced at REC’s state-of-the-art facility, our projects consistently surpass our client’s highest expectations. From National broadcast to corporate messaging, the team at REC Media Group approaches every project with the attention it deserves. This is why REC Media Group is an industry innovator.
REC Media Group has a full-time staff of producers, directors, writers, editors, graphic artists, developers, and administrators. Our unique company structure allows us the flexibility to scale productions up or down, based on the parameters of a given project. This structure gives way to our philosophy of “a production for every budget.”

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